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Sisu Strategies is an elegant, innovative, and aggressive public relations and lobbying firm which has spent years building movements around the best tech ideas in the world.


We leverage our policy background in D.C., campaign savvy, roots in California, international connections, understanding of the news business, and relationships with members of the media, legislators, and influencers to build and protect reputations around policy impacting the industry.  We have worked on winning presidential campaigns, highly sensitive presidential commissions, the country's largest think tank, Capitol Hill, some of the world's leading venture firms and tech companies.


We have designed campaigns including everything from national and international networks and key Washington decision-makers down to local city blogs. In an era of increasing government regulation and economic uncertainty, the value of a strong reputation cannot be underestimated. It is critical to be pro-active in introducing yourself in a positive way to investors and users/consumers and in preventing regulatory over-reach. We know that style and an understanding of cultural and communications trends is essential to building this reputation. We incorporate this into everything we do, including direct media coverage, providing education on Capitol Hill, and building groundswells in unconventional ways. How you say it is just as important as what you say. Sisu Strategies will come alongside you to help you outpace competitors and make you an industry leader. We help shelter and bring firepower.


Our name comes from a Finnish term, Sisu, which is an integral and social part of the country's culture. It means strength of character and the ability to persevere against all odds to win.



■ RELATIONSHIPS: When it is critical that you gain a high level of traction prior to your IPO or to bolster the reputation of your firm, Sisu has the strong national and international media relationships that many other firms lack.


■ POSITIVE DISRUPTOR: Many have suffered a (valid) disillusionment with the PR industry; there are many who “strategize” but deliver few results.  Sisu set out to be a positive disruptor, using experience, sophistication, and good judgment gained over the years to deliver strategic, top-notch interviews and to develop broad-reaching campaigns.


■ SELECTIVE:  Sisu is highly selective about the clients we represent.  We want to be able to fully stand behind our clients as ones that are doing and building something good.  This enables us to gain trust in the media and deliver better results for our clients.


■ MOVEMENT BUILDING:  We have built a groundswell behind policy for years, shaping public opinion and educating legislators.  We stand behind our work and all we represent, giving us a reputation of trust.  The intricate workings of Capitol Hill and the White House are not complicated to us, but where we are most at home and the relationships in DC echo across the states and cities.


■ HEART: We put our heart into our work and treat our clients like their companies are our own.  Additionally, we understand the pressure reporters and producers are under and do all we can to serve them as well.


■ CHARITY: We do a portion of our work for free for charities every year.  We want to be builders, rather than detractors and this is a critical component to our culture.






Sisu has worked--in both a public relations and a lobbying capacity--with some of the heaviest-hitting global venture firms and tech companies.  We strongly respect the confidentiality of our clients.